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A quickie.....

It's late and I'm just checking in quickly to remind you that there will be a cybercrop on the weekend of the the 22nd, 23rd and 24th at Scrap of Difference.
I am lucky enough to have been given the role of guest DT for the month and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of some goodies to use.

I have managed a couple more layouts recently but I'm not ready to share those yet.

It's a busy week ahead preparing for a card class on the weekend for some "Male" cards. Still typing up those darned instructions.

There are a couple of competitions over at Heaven-Sent to be done for the month. I've completed the Sketch one and just have to work on the plan for the advert inspiration.

My baby girl Viva is going well. She has been a little "off" today. It hasn't stopped her eating but whatever I have failed to retrieve from her mouth at some stage has given her a bit of an upset tummy. I have to take her to the shops in the next two weeks and just go sit on a …