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Catching up

Well as I mentioned a couple of days ago, the new challenge went up at Scrappassion International Challenge blog on the first of the month and the challenge involves making some handmade flowers using Ingeborg's tutorial. I used some felt for the challenge and included my favourite photo of the puppy I've taken so far.

A card I made playing with scraps the other night and a lovely Kaiser stamp from the Lilac Ave collection.

I had very little time for the Scrap of Difference CC the other weekend so only managed to get the colour challenge done. The theme was "life changing moments" and the colour pallette was from the colour room site.
Over at Home and Scrapped I was the "chosen one" for the Get challenged now challenge. I was given the challenge to use handmade felt embellishments, distressed photos and 3 circles. As you can see I used some extra flowers that I made for my Scrappassion DT work. I sanded the photo which is a little difficult to see in the pic. …

Blogger problems

Hi all,
I seem to be having trouble visiting any blogger blog at the moment including my own. I can write a new post from my dashboard after signing into but cannot view my blog as I get an error in IE. Hopefully once I sort it out, I will put up the challenge from Scrappassion International blog for the month of May. Better still..... drop by there at and see the challenge for yourself. It's a good one if you are interested in making handmade flowers.

Let me know if anyone else is having issues visiting my blog whilst I work on it in the background.

I know I haven't been posting recently as I have had a new hard drive installed on my laptop and it was in for repair for almost three weeks. So bear with me whilst I sort out the hiccups and find all my contacts and things.
Happy Scrappin'