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It's been nearly a month.....

Hi there..... I can't believe it has been nearly a month since my last post. Where has the time gone?

Lot's of shares in this one because I am heading off to Cairns for ten days for a holiday in just a couple of days so won't be around for a while again.

Have managed to do a couple of Cyber crops in recent weeks but the mojo is certainly not flowing freely yet. I have also managed a few more of Fab's challenges but not even close to caught up yet.

Took Viva in for a holiday stay arranged by Guide dogs whilst we are away so have been feeling rather odd today walking around the shops without my companion. Although it was rather nice being able to vaccuum the floor and have no dog hair on it an hour later and not have to close every door behind me. I'm sure she'll have a wonderful time as she has gone to stay with a gentleman who lives on his own with an older labrador so it is a combination of quiet time and a friend to play with. I wonder if she will remember me in…