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I know it is a few days early but just in case I don't get back before the big day then I'm saying Merry Christmas early.

My online class with Penny went wonderfully well on Friday night but I can't share it with you all yet as the class will be repeated on the 10th of January. It was lots of cutting but well worth it for the results.
I had to laugh because as I was gathering my things to prepare for the class Keelan was sitting with me and asking lots of questions and I was explaining how he could not disturb me later that night as I was doing a "class" via the computer. He asked what is was about so I explained that we had lots of flowers and stems to cut out so he thought he would like to try that even though I was not certain of all that was to be done. I found a paper for him that had some flowers and leaves to cut out and here is his interpretation of what he thought I was meaning.
He even found some green and used my decorative scissors to cut the stems and …

Just one more week....

My boys are counting down the days until Christmas now and have already told each other what they bought for each other. I might as well have just taken them all out together to buy for each other, instead of making the special effort spending time with each of them at the shops.
We haven't done a lot this week. I have done lots of sleeping in which has been nice and stayed up and watched Survivor final. I was a little disappointed that Parvati won, I was hoping that Amanda would.
Monday I had someone out to test the pipes in our ensuite shower as the carpet is going mouldy in the room that backs onto the shower. Yes, there is certainly lots of moisture in the walls but it appears to be from the taps leaking back into the wall again and the fact that some of the tiles are cracked and grout missing and not sealed properly. This was all supposed to be fixed a few years ago when this happened so I'm not really impressed and our insurance is not likely to cover very much of the fix…

Newsletter PDF

If you are looking for my bi-monthly newsletter to catch up on the dates of when I am cropping over the school holidays, you can find it here:

It is a PDF, so not fantastically clear with the images but you can read all the info.

An award?

Well thank you to the lovely Moira who has kindy given me the kreative blogger award.

I can now proudly post this award on my blog, and hand it on to some other talented ladies.

First is the amazing Leah Fung. Now, I loved watching this scrapbooker on the daily scrapbook lifestyle videos that used to be available to watch on podcasts from BHG. I used to miss my daily dose of these after they stopped them and googled Leah's name to keep up with her creative works. I love how she has kept videos going from her blog along with the talented Donna Salazar and Johanna Peterson.

Second is Penny Hackney, who does some magnificent work with doodling and her own creative style. She also blogs over at Aussie Scrapbooking and runs some cool online classes.

Third, is our S.A. Fiskars Ambassador, Michelle Wallace whom I love to see produce a variety of work particularly with the lovely Heidi Grace and Clound 9 products. I have great fun attending Fiskars crops here in Adelaide with her.

Fourth, the …

Busy, busy......

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of hearing Keelan's and a Reception class sing Christmas carols at our local shopping centre. He really enjoyed it and was very excited about it all but I know that some of the students were worried sick about it. All those years of dance concerts have paid off for them.
One of the songs they sang was the Aussie version of the twelve days of Christmas. How hilarious is that! It was the first time I had heard it and with the little ones singing it and their actions along with it, it had us in fits of laughter.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, My true love sent to me:
Twelve possums playing
Eleven lizards leaping
Ten wombats washing
Nine crocs a-snoozing
Eight dingos dancing
Seven emus laying
Six sharks a-surfing
Five kangaroos
Four lyrebirds
Three wet galahs
Two snakes on skis
A kookaburra in a gum tree

Friday night the boys had a chance to visit with their big brother whilst Bruce and I went to his work cocktail party. It was at a hotel at Glenelg and looke…

Boy's Lego video

Well this is the video that was created on Sunday afternoon. The boys think it is hilarious! Gotta love boys and their sense of humour.I have to admit that I was challenged by getting it to upload to youtube and attaching to here. It was not as easy as I thought. Anyway, it's done and they are happy for a couple of months now until they decide it's a good idea to do another.Personally, I've been getting my very short newsletter for December and January done. I've also completed one of my DT layouts for January - still 2 to go and I've been trying to plan Xmas gifts and lunch with my elder sons. Today my agenda is writing and posting Xmas cards and eating out - Mexican style tonight.Enjoy your day!