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Unintended neglect this time.......

Well, I haven't been around for a while on my blog as my poor old laptop decided to play with blue screening for several weeks. After many goes at trying to solve the issue I have given up and decided that seeing as it is almost 8 years old and running on Vista then maybe it was trying to tell me something. So here we are a few months down the track and I have finally got a new laptop and now trying to locate all my photos which are spread on various USB's and children's laptops or Facebook.
I have been running this year so far with more Christmas cards - bit strange I know now that Christmas is over however I had a pile of papers and old toppers and magazine freebie papers and things lying around on my desk that have been floating in my stash for several years that I needed to challenge myself to get them made into cards. So glad I did as I have a bag of 50 cards ready to go to Combat Cards SA for next Christmas now. 
Most of these have been made by either playing around wi…