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Well I haven't been around for days because we took a trip up to Mildura for the last week of school holidays and then had the boys birthday on Monday. Can you believe it, I have survived 9 years with triplet boys?

Where has the time gone?

I haven't been doing too much creating as we have been busy getting back into the swing of things with school starting. This heat is also getting to my head..... 40+ degree days are not my kind of fun really and truly.

Today I went to craft with the plan of making some cards for a card class next month and with all the talking I did, I only completed one. I came home and finished two more but the fourth is still sitting there waiting for me to finish it. Must get it done tomorrow so I can plan my newsletter and classes for the next two months. I work so much better at things when someone gives me a pack of stuff and says "make something with this". When it is up to me to decide what to do for myself I get out my procrastinating side a…

Part way through January already.....

Well this month I have joined Jen Hall's "The write stuff" online classes. It is a month long focus on journaling on our pages. I'm really enjoying it so far. If you are interested then head to her blog: and find out the details.
Layout #7 - be happy enjoy This is nothing like Jen's layout but I really wanted to use this paper by Urban Lily so thought the circles would work in well.

Layout #5 - Defining Keelan

Layout #3 - Always be happy

Layout #2 - Adolescence

Layout #1 - New Year goals
Over at Heaven-Sent we have a blind challenge Competition for January 2009 : For the month of January we have ONE competition at Heaven-Sent Scrapbooking. The winner will receive a $ 25.00 gift voucher to spend in our store. All the details of the competition can be found on the forum.

This month's competition is the so called ‘Blind Scrapping Challenge’ as mentioned in the Scrapbook Creations magazine (No.61, Vol 7, No 10, page 74/75). For a chan…

Happy New Year!!!

Hi everyone, Happy 2009 to you all!

I have lots of shares to catch up on considering I haven't dropped by for a few days.
First of all is my puzzlesketches entry for December. Finally I managed to get it completed and in 'just' in time and voting is now open for the next two days. If you get a chance, feel free to drop by and vote for Melissa.

Amazingly enough on Christmas morning I managed to get a photo of us all together. Good thing Jason was thinking about using the self timer....... It's a rare occasion that you get all the Docking boys together but here they are. I could really have made an effort to crop the photo a little but you get the idea.

I even managed to get a photo of the tree just after Santa had dropped by, by the looks. The boys were very excited to receive a Nintendo DS each from Santa. Luckily they had forewarned their big brothers that Santa was probably going to bring them one as that is what had been requested so big…