Part way through January already.....

Well this month I have joined Jen Hall's "The write stuff" online classes. It is a month long focus on journaling on our pages. I'm really enjoying it so far. If you are interested then head to her blog: and find out the details.

Layout #7 - be happy enjoy
This is nothing like Jen's layout but I really wanted to use this paper by Urban Lily so thought the circles would work in well.

Layout #5 - Defining Keelan

Layout #3 - Always be happy

Layout #2 - Adolescence

Layout #1 - New Year goals

Over at Heaven-Sent we have a blind challenge Competition for January 2009 :
For the month of January we have ONE competition at Heaven-Sent Scrapbooking. The winner will receive a $ 25.00 gift voucher to spend in our store. All the details of the competition can be found on the forum.

This month's competition is the so called ‘Blind Scrapping Challenge’ as mentioned in the Scrapbook Creations magazine (No.61, Vol 7, No 10, page 74/75). For a chance to win a gift voucher at the Heaven-Sent Scrapbooking store, here are the rules:

• Upload the pictures of your work in the January 2009 Competition gallery BEFORE midnight on January 31, 2009;
• You can enter as many times as you like;
• The challenge is open to anyone, but you will need to register on our site if you want to upload into our gallery!

This has been my go at it using mainly Fiskars products. Heidi Grace - Little bird's tale papers, Fiskars - border patrol stamps and a Heidi Grace photo corner accent. Cardstock is TLC.

I had quite a lot of fun doing this one and it is the first time I have done a blind scrapping challenge as such although it is very similar to doing a step-by-step challeng over at Scrapwitch. Not that I find time to do many of those unfortunately.

Back to some Octoberfest layouts from Jen's October classes. I can't believe I still have about 13 of these to catch up on. I thought I was cruising through them but I still have heaps on my list. I should stop procrastinating and just do them.

Layout #4 - Life is good

Layout #2 - Look w hat I made Mum
(How hard is it to photograph a transparency page?)

Layout #1 - Make everyday count
It's the front side of layout two transparent page.

Funnily enough I really enjoyed doing these pages after not being sure having done a couple of acrylic albums and not really enjoying them. It must just be the fact that they are mini albums and not my forte.
On the home front - yes I do, do the occasional thing around the house..... we shifted about 5 tonnes of dirt to level out the lawn area over the last couple of weeks.

This is how the pile looked after about a third of the dirt was shifted.

This is how it looked after quite a lot was shifted up to level it out and below are the clydesdales we employed to even it out.

It will look a bit like this for a while as we wait for the lawn to regrow back over the top of it. I finally also can walk all the way up to my clothesline up the back without stepping off of paving bricks. That's very exciting after almost a year of uneven ground and patches of dirt.

The little rainwater tank is now in but with 41 degree heat tomorrow I don't expect that it will get filled in a hurry.


Trisha said…
Wow, Melissa, these are all fab! I really love all the tags and journal spots you used on #3!
Karen said…
Great layouts Melissa, I am lacking a little inspiration on the scrapping front at the moment. Sounds like your backyard is coming along nicely....I just may have to come and check it all out when it is finished.
Stay cool today...
Jewels said…
Beautiful work Melissa. How lucky you are to have so many subjects to scrap!

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