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I've started working.....

As the title says, I have started working again part-time in the admin world so my life has become busy again fitting in creative time around work and family time. Never mind though, it makes for a full life. I have played a little at some crops and decided to make some cards using a manner I am unaccustomed to using which I will explain as I go. This layout was for Sarah's May colour challenge which she also provided a Page Maps sketch to use for the design. 

The colour pallette was from Design Seeds and it was lovely autumn colours that went well with my photo from Amsterdam.
 A couple of weeks ago Heather did a Friday night Step-by-step layout over at Home and Scrapped which I totally forgot about but as soon as I realised I decided to play along. The design could not have been more perfect for my photos of Keelan and the bird and it would have to have been one of the fastest layouts I have done in ages.

Whilst at Margaret River we went to Simmo's icecreamery which the ki…