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Gosh Christmas is creeping up fast

I'm not real good at this blogging stuff, am I? I have really neglected it lately.

We spent a lovely ten days in Cairns in the beginning of November which I am sure you will see in the layouts that I will be creating over the coming months and indeed in the last couple of Cybercrops.

We stayed at Holloways Beach which is approx 10kms north of Cairns city and the beach is not like our South Aussie beaches where we have the soft hard packed sand, it was grainy and moved a lot under foot. In Cairns itself you cannot swim at the beach as the city has a more swampy beachfront which is muddy and tacky with lots of crabs. At this time of the year also, the waters are full of stingers so it is dangerous to swim in the sea unless in an enclosed netted off area for protection. Holloways beach had a small area to do this and the boys liked it but the current was strong and wavy and no sooner would they stand up than wave would come and dump them under again. It became a little much for them af…