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It's been a busy couple of months......

I know I always seem to say that but it really is true as our family is on the move to Western Australia. Only one more week in our house then another week before we arrive at our new home. Crazy, crazy time. The boys have had their school concert this week and Ethan's class performed an adjusted Wakakirri routine to fit to the size of the stage they had to work on. Ethan did a great job.
Mitchell and Keelan's classes worked together on their songs. Keelan out the front with the dancing and actions and Mitchell at the stage side playing the large bongo style drums. The concert was a great success and all the kids tried really hard to please their parents. It's always exciting to see the little Reception students giving it a go even when some of them have only been at school for a few weeks.

The school band played before the event and I took the opportunity to take some pics of the boys as I realised that I have never really taken photos of them playing with the band before.