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Been housecleaning the blog..... Do you like it?

Well I dropped by my blog to do some more posts the other day and lo and behold I had lost my blog layout. So, I dropped over to the "Ettes" and where the lovely designers from the previously known TLC business I used to consult for, have their own digi business now and have a lovely range of blog-ettes to choose from. I hope you like my choice of layout as it is very different to the previous one.

It has been a busy day for me as Ethan fell and hurt his wrist yesterday at school and was in so much pain that I decided to take him to the doctors today. This was followed by x-rays then back to the docs to find out that it thankfully wasn't broken but maybe some ligament damage. He is not allowed to play footy for a week or two until it does not hurt anymore though in case there is more damage than it seems. Seems alright to work a mouse on the computer but hurts to write and eat spaghetti bolognaise..... go figure!

Well back to some more layouts and cards from th…

Computer issues have kept me away....

Unfortunately my computer has been causing me grief over the last few weeks gradually losing battery power and not charging properly so my time has been limited which has led me to complete lots of scrapbooking and card making. Too much to share all at one time so I will do it little by little over the weekend. Or at least that is the plan.

We have had school holidays too so the kids have been around a lot and no quiet time for me until this week.

Last month our CC at Scrap of Difference had the theme of "Sing a Song" and required us to create layouts using song titles as the title or journaling of our layout. I used some zoo photos as you can see and found lots of suitable titles for my photos.

Technique challenge was to use at least three different stamps on a layout, so my tags, some background and part of my title was stamped.
I created the card challenge to use bright colours and gave a list of titles to choose for the theme of the card. They also had to use at least one …