Busy, busy......

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of hearing Keelan's and a Reception class sing Christmas carols at our local shopping centre. He really enjoyed it and was very excited about it all but I know that some of the students were worried sick about it. All those years of dance concerts have paid off for them.

One of the songs they sang was the Aussie version of the twelve days of Christmas. How hilarious is that! It was the first time I had heard it and with the little ones singing it and their actions along with it, it had us in fits of laughter.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, My true love sent to me:

Twelve possums playing

Eleven lizards leaping

Ten wombats washing
Nine crocs a-snoozing
Eight dingos dancing

Seven emus laying
Six sharks a-surfing

Five kangaroos

Four lyrebirds
Three wet galahs
Two snakes on skis


A kookaburra in a gum tree

Friday night the boys had a chance to visit with their big brother whilst Bruce and I went to his work cocktail party. It was at a hotel at Glenelg and looked out over the beach. Nice food, pleasant conversation, when you could hear over the DJ's music and good dancing.

On Saturday we had won two tickets for entry to see if you can guess where......!

That's right - Adelaide Zoo. We lined up for entry as the tickets were for a special kids event on the day. We started off with two tickets in hand and through the kindness of people around us, by the time we made it to the gate all four of us had tickets and it didn't cost me a thing. To add to that the kids got a drink and nibblies at the gate so I didn't even purchase food once inside because I had taken some biscuits with me. The kids had a great time taking photos and I came home with about 150 photos between two cameras. Funnily enough there is about 10 photos of just meerkats so Ethan obviously took a liking to them.

I went out to a crop for a cure on Saturday night and left the boys to their own devices watching "Horton hears a Who" on Blu ray. Well from what I hear.... they actually put the movie on for Dad to watch and snooze in front of. Not sure what time they got to bed.

I completed some cards and notecards and box sets for the teachers thank you gifts but "dill" me forgot to photograph them before giving them away today.

Sunday was a relax day - got up late and then went out to the front garden to tidy up. You can now actually see the front path to walk up to the front door. It's amazing!

I have a pile of plans for the layouts I want to do for the Heaven-Sent and puzzlesketches challenges for the month but have been so busy writing Christmas cards and typing up a year in review for the overseas family that I haven't got anywhere near starting them yet. The laundry is still waiting to be sorted also.... and some floors washed that didn't get done yesterday. Oh well, they will still be there tomorrow!

Here are the challenges for the month from Heaven-Sent:

This month there are three different card making and scrapbooking competitions. All the details of the December Competitions can be found on our forum. The winner of each competition will win a $ 10.00 gift voucher for the store. Please upload your entries in the December Competition Gallery. Happy scrapping!

* Karen’s Competition: 5,4,3,2,1 Challenge. Your layout must contain the following: 5 embellishments; 4 different techniques; 3 different papers/cardstock; 2 photos and 1 one word title.

* Mary’s Competition: Create a card, LO or OTP celebrating the birth of Jesus.

* Ingeborg’s Competition: Create a layout or card based on the PageMaps sketch.

A larger picture of the sketch can also be found in the December Competition Gallery.


Moira said…
Hey Melissa! Amazing, I don't know how you fit it all in :-) I've awarded you a Kreativ Blogger award - check out my blog for the 'rules' etc. I do love checking in and seeing what you've been up to!

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