Just one more week....

My boys are counting down the days until Christmas now and have already told each other what they bought for each other. I might as well have just taken them all out together to buy for each other, instead of making the special effort spending time with each of them at the shops.

We haven't done a lot this week. I have done lots of sleeping in which has been nice and stayed up and watched Survivor final. I was a little disappointed that Parvati won, I was hoping that Amanda would.

Monday I had someone out to test the pipes in our ensuite shower as the carpet is going mouldy in the room that backs onto the shower. Yes, there is certainly lots of moisture in the walls but it appears to be from the taps leaking back into the wall again and the fact that some of the tiles are cracked and grout missing and not sealed properly. This was all supposed to be fixed a few years ago when this happened so I'm not really impressed and our insurance is not likely to cover very much of the fix. Frustration!

I have managed to get a little scrapbooking done for the week and some cards..... however most of it is for my DT work so I can't share it until the 1st of January. I will however share my layouts for the challenges so far at Heaven-Sent.

Ingeborg's sketch challenge

Karen's 5,4,3,2,1 challenge

Yesterday I took Mitchell into diabetes clinic. A visit we make very three months. His HbA1c is still a little higher than I would like but the Endocrinologist is still very happy with it. I even ran into a girl I used to go to school with in Kadina whilst we were there. Her son is 11 yrs old and has had diabetes since he was 21 months old. He says he doesn't know life any other way so it doesn't bother him as it is just his life. It is nice to chat with others going through it at times just to compare thoughts and ideas.

I am supposed to be finishing off my Christmas card writing as I am a little late with my overseas ones. I was also going to do some baking but still trying to convince myself on that one.

Tomorrow night I am looking forward to an online class with the lovely Penny Hackney.

If you are interested it is on tomorrow night and repeated on the 10th of January. See here for cost and payment details etc.:


Go check it out!

I have stalled on my Octoberfest layouts at the moment as I have put all the instructions in a display book along with the photos I printed to go with them and can't for the life of me remember where I have put the folder. I am so annoyed with myself as I was going to catch up with a few this week. Never mind, I will find it when I am looking for something else.


Karen said…
I have booked into the class as well.

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