Been cybercropping again.... not that I can share.

Well Blogger is not being nice to me this weekend. First I couldn't sign in on Friday and Saturday and now it won't let me add any images. Not sure what's up.... just doesn't like me at the moment.

Clearly the dog has been eating something she shouldn't as my nose is getting rather offended by the drifting scent in the room.
We learnt how to catch a bus, well, get on one and travel on it at least .... last week. Something else to add to the list of things to do. She even went on her first visit to an appointment today when I went to the chiropractor. She was such a good girl and just sat there and watched.
Swimming lessons are becoming very boring now that we have done it a few times, so that is snooze time these days.

Ethan has improved and passed his swimming level so now he has gone up to the Dolphin class. It's more lap/endurance work now so he was a little exhausted after his class tonight. He is in the pool for an extra 15 minutes too.

It's been a long week this past one, with lots of late nights and broken sleep. Mitchell's blood sugar levels have been all over the place for a variety of reasons. Thought we may need to head to the hospital on Saturday morning when his ketone levels were higher than I would like. Thankfully we managed to get it down again after an injection of insulin because of a pump blockage - much to his disgust! Another night I was up every hour checking levels because they were high with mild ketones and by 3.20am I was exhausted and slept through the next alarm. By morning it had improved luckily for me.

Sunday was the boys last footy match for the season. Their first footy season! They did not win a game all season but for many it was the first time they had played. Their last match was a great effort from all the kids. Pity they did not play that well from early in the season, they may have been a source to be reckoned with.

As my title says, I completed the challenges for the Scrap of Difference CC this weekend. Would love to share my results but blogger doesn't want to play the game. Maybe next time around. It was a haberdashery weekend so all challenges had to include haberdashery items on them: notions, buttons, ribbon, lace, fabric, threads etc. Certainly made us all think a little.

It's off to bed for me now so I can listen to the howling wind and rain. Hopefully not for too long though.


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