Saturday, 9 January 2010

An award from a few weeks ago

Ingeborg gave me the 'Your Blog Is Fabulous Award'... Thanks Ingeborg!

When you receive this award, you have to mention five things that you love, which are:

  1. Bruce, my wonderful husband;
  2. Jason, James, Keelan Ethan and Mitchell, our busy boys;
  3. My few close friends;
  4. SCRAPBOOKING/cardmaking and of course ...
  5. Chocolate!

I am passing this award on to five other people:

  1. Karen Kowalick, a friend and fellow scrapbooker;
  2. Penny Hackney, who inspires me with her clever work;
  3. Vince, a talented gentleman who makes stunning cards;
  4. Carla Peicheff, a lady who inspires me almost daily with her lovely colour combinations and clever ways to make use of her Cricut when creating cards;
  5. Michelle Wallace, a Fiskars friend!


moralia said...

Thank you, Melissa! :) Going to take a peek at your creations here, have a wonderful weekend! Hugs!!

Vince B said...

Thank you Melissa
I'm very flattered that you like my cards as I'm quite in awe of your work too.
Happy new year to you and yours
Vince X

Penny said...

Thank you sweet Melissa....very chuffed with the award! I've finally become a follower of your blog today!

Ingeborg Dijkstra- Verbeek said...

You are such a deserving recipient of this award, my dear friend ... let me tell you: not only your blog is fabulous, so is your work and even more important: so are YOU! Love catching up on MSN ... sad thing is that I miss you more after 'we hung up' ... x