Friday, 11 February 2011

Some more appeal layouts and the new arrival......

Have had a chance here and there to get a few more layouts done for the appeal although I think this may be it for now.
Some are scraplifts, others are using old TLC instructions for artist choice kits and others still are just general page maps. I hope someone appreciates receiving them and can make use of them and add their own little touches.

On Tuesday our new guide dog puppy arrived from New Zealand. She is adorable, cute and fluffy and only 8wks old. I know that won't last long, but for the moment she can just be a puppy whilst she settles into our home. She is already making mischief so I think she is quickly getting comfortable. Here are a couple of photos from her first afternoon.

Life is hard when you are a puppy........
Getting to know the boys on the back lawn.
Have a good weekend all.


Penny said...

Oh Melissa - she is scrumptious!!! What's her name? Did Viva work out as a guide dog?
Thanks for visiting my blog recently....hope your boys are settling in to Year 6.....and I love what you've done for your relief pages.

Karen said...

Lovely layouts Melissa.
She is adorable, so cute. I hope she is not giving you too much grief at night. I'm sure the boys are loving having a puppy around again.