Christmas cards on the go.

Finally I have made a discovery and started on my Christmas cards properly.

I found this wonderful blog called Fab's Big Christmas Card Challenge. Each week Fabrizio posts a challenge for inspiration for us to complete a Christmas card a week so that by the end of the year we should have a reasonable stash.

I have started from Week #36 and am working backwards so this is just a small sample of what I have come up with so far. Dont' laugh..... some of the papers and embellishments I am using have been sitting in my "stash" for quite a long time.

#27 - Rounded corners either matting, the card itself or both.

#28 bright and funky.

#29 - Star and/or outline stickers

#30 - Cute and square

#31 - Half and half embossing

#32 - Use a sketch: this is a Pagemaps one from Dec 2008

#33 - From a kit. This is a Cloud 9 kit from last Christmas

#34 - Poinsettia or any other flowery Christmassy card. This is from the same Cloud 9 kit and uses the Fiskars scalloped edge border punch.

#35 - Stripes and dots. After making this one I went back to Fab's blog to check out another challenge and realised that I had almost cardlifted his card for this challenge without really realising. Sorry about that Fab, the design was a good one, what can I say!

#36 Owls and/or presents. I don't really like this one after all..... You know what it is like when you come up with an idea and when you go to execute it, it doesn't quite work the way you plan and you have to change direction with your thinking? Well, that happened to me on this one and I am not happy with the result. Might end up coming back to re-adjust this one.
Well, that is all for now, I have about another eight completed to share but they will have to wait until I have had some sleep.
Pleasant dreams all.............


Fabrizio said…
WOW WOW WOW ! Gorgeous cards, you really took the challenge to heart ! I really appreciate your taking part, XXXXX Fab
Vince B said…
I love all these amazing cards, you're one talented lady!

Vince X

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