The Power Gear Pruner

Sometimes being a Fiskateer leads to some surprise benefits. Not only do you get great hints and tips from the forum about how to use your Fiskars tools - both scrapbooking and gardening, on the odd occasion you receive a surprise parcel in the mail to try.
This happened recently when I received this great pair of pruners - The Power Gear Pruner.
This product has recently received the Ease-Of-Use certification from Arthritis Australia and New Zealand.

When I first opened it up I thought that I had broken it already because the handle moved unexpectedly and I was immediately disappointed with my stupidity. However, when I actually read the instructions I quickly realised that it was designed to move that way - how clever! So in actual fact I wasn't as stupid as I thought, apart from the fact that I should learn to read the instructions first and then try.

Being a sufferer of Rheumatoid arthritis for almost 20 years I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the pruner was to use on quite thick stems even though I was having a "bad hand day" as they are known in my household. Once you become used of the rolling movement in your hand the pruner makes it easy to give a simple, clean, cut with very little squeeze effort.

Even one of my boys had to have a go after overhearing me telling Dad how great they were. I have included a couple of photos of my young man cutting some geraniums for me and he was happy that he did not need to use two hands to cut some of the thicker stems like he would with regular pruners. Maybe I will make a gardener out of him yet!

Well done to Fiskars for creating such a useful tool.


Karen said…
My mother has a pair of these and loves them.
Karen said…
I got a pair as well Melissa, and I think they are great.
Penny said…
These would be perfect for my Mum too Mel! I think I'll look them up. Loving the new look blog btw....:)

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