Home and Scrapped February = Love Blog Hop....

Love and the Summertime is in the air and it's Cybercrop time over at Home and Scrapped.
Welcome to our first ever blog hop. You have probably come to me from Mary B's blog and will venture on to Sarah shortly.
I'm not exactly sure what the lovely Heather has up her sleeve but I do know it involves a RAK prize of a special pack of handmade flowers made by the lovely Heather herself and if you are the lucky winner and want to buy some for yourself then you better head over here to see the kind of flowers you can choose from.
Okay, so it's February the month of love so here is my quirky love quote to share with you:
“We're all a little weird, and when we find someone who's weirdness is comparable with each others weirdness, we fall in a mutual weirdness and we call it love!”
Dr. Seuss
I like Dr Seuss, what can I say.....
Now Heather wants me to share four interesting/little known things about myself...... Hmmm.... what to choose?
1. I dislike the colour purple after spending so many years in a bedroom in various shades of the colour.
2. The taste and smell of coriander is not to my liking.
3. I like to watch America's/ Australia's/ Brittain and Ireland's etc. Next Top Model.
4. Early mornings and I do not get along.
Hope they are a few things you did not know about me....
If you are collecting the words along the blog hop you probably want to know the word: OF
I'm sure it will make a lot of sense to you once you have done all the other hops along the way but for me at the time of writing I have not got the faintest idea what it is all about. Guess that is Heather's way of making us all go and visit everyone else's blog..... he,he,he....
Just to keep you occupied over the weekend and make sure you have stuck with reading so far, I am offering a RAK myself. If you complete a layout in any of our challenges over the weekend and make a card from the scraps, your name will go in the hat for a random draw for every card that you make. The key is to mention you are entering Melissa's RAK challenge when you upload your photo to the gallery and also in the challenge thread where you can add the photo of your card.  At the end of the CC I will draw a winner.
Now keep on moving to Sarah's blog where you can find out the next parts of those tricky pieces of information for Heather.

If you have missed a blog somewhere along the line here is the list of all the blogs to enjoy:

Angie Budden Watt -  http://angiebudden.blogspot.com.au/
Heather Waldron - http://scrapysketches.blogspot.com.au/
Kerri Smith - http://myscrapnaddiction.wordpress.com/
P B Libby - http://northernmainescrappygirl.blogspot.com.au/

Liz Ashman - http://inspiringpapercreations.blogspot.com.au/
Mary Bennetts - http://www.mbennetts.blogspot.com.au/
Melissa Docking - http://snipsnapcrop.blogspot.com.au/
Sarah Rogers - http://lawlessrose.blogspot.com.au/

Feel free to become a member of Home and Scrapped and enjoy the friendship, fun, laughs and scrapping challenges that we all share there. No pressure - just all fun!

Happy Scrappin'........


Heather said…
Hehe, yes, all secret and tricky, but all will be revealed eventually. A plot to make us go visiting? Surely not.. OK, yes, it is :-) Thanks for playing along Melissa.
Angie said…
I have become a follower of your blog, Melissa.

I am not a morning person either!

I made a card from scraps left from your challenge, I had better go find more scraps to make more cards! Good challenge.
Libby said…
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's NOT a morning person! It takes me forever to drag myself out of bed every morning!
Another fun challenge. I need to get cracking on ideas for cards! :)
Kerri said…
Love the happy feeling of your blog Melissa, so inviting! Thanks for hop and visiting me :)
Doesn't matter about the challenge, all good!!
Have fun hopping :) xx
Libby said…
I've added my card to the H&S Gallery entitled "Together forever" using scraps from the layout I completed for the hop.
Sarah Rogers said…
Hi Melissa, well the cc is nearly over and I have just done my blog hop... busy 5 days. Great to see so many great pages in the gallery.

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