Busy weekend - kind of!

We have been at the JDRF Family Day today for a few hours and Mitchell and Ethan decided to have their faces painted. Keelan was rather a grump the whole time because we took him away from the computer for a few hours and so didn't want his face painted or didn't want to join in any of the sack, egg n spoon or three legged races. He spent a little time at the playground and then was bored until Santa came and then as soon as the gifts were given out everyone wanted to go home.
Mitchell and Ethan had a great time and as you can see Mitchell changed into a crocodile and Ethan into Batman for a while.

Last weekend whilst Dad was away I got them all started on making a bauble with sequins. Mitchell wanted to do it last holidays and I wasn't quite ready then so made sure I was now. I was so impressed with Mitchell and all the time he took to sit and do the pins and sequins. I think I only helped him with two rows because he was feeling left out that I was helping the others and not him.

Here is his finished bauble hanging on the tree. Isn't it great! Keelan has only just finished his on Friday and I have yet to take a photo of it. Will put his up another day.
Yesterday I had the task of rebuilding the police station of Keelan's that fell to pieces last week when he was trying to lift it from one part of his room to another. Got it together alright but it is missing a few little pieces already.
Today Santa bought him a police helicopter to go with it and thankfully Keelan was able to build that one himself.

A little scrapbooking has been done in the last few days but very little. I have been feeling really tired and struggling to focus on much at all.
My efforts for the Cybercrop have been a little dismal even though I am one of the DT that has been running it.

Here are three of my challenges and I cheated with the other one using the layout that I created last week with the summer colours of me when I was pregnant.
Challenge #2 - A card using bling, flower and flourish

Challenge #1 - sketch

Challenge #4 - Title challenge

Last but not least is another of my Octoberfest layouts - Layout #5
I sure hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend.


Moira said…
Hey Melissa - well, your 'dismal' efforts put mine to shame - they're gorgeous (and mine are pathetically non existent, it was just one of those weekends) Love seeing your stuff and also all the cute photos of your boys :-)
Vince B said…
Gorgeous flower and flourish card.
Love it !

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