Quiet Sunday

Well Bruce went off to ACN training today and I spent the day home with the boys.
I've had a cracker of a headache most of the day so haven't felt like doing much.
We did however - the boys, Rufus the bear with diabetes and myself, head up to the playground for a while where Rufus delightedly posed for me whilst he played on the equipment. Will use those photos in a layout shortly. I took 105 photos overall - no, not all of those were Rufus ..... but there were a lot of nasty boy photos there too. Nasty, meaning heads cut off, blurry, closed eyes, screwed up faces etc..... you get the picture?
Meanwhile I have a few layouts that I managed to do at the crop last night and finish off at home this arvo. Still more Octoberfest classes. You will notice that I have skipped fifteen and fourteen as I am still hunting some suitable photos to play with.

Layout #17 - Surprise parcel

Layout #16 - Simply Fabulous

Layout #13 - Lego Games

Layout #12 - Sonny glow

Thank you to the wonderful people who have voted for me over at Puzzlesketches, I really appreciate the effort you have gone to. There is still a few more hours of voting to go if anyone wants to drop by there and add their vote. (see previous post for the how to and where)

I sat and watched Dancing with the Stars tonight and my vote still goes to Luke & Luda. After a very average skill in the beginning I think Luke has really improved and is enjoying himself more and more each week.

There are some new challenges for the month over at Heaven-Sent:

Brigitte and Melanie created two scrapbooking competitions for this month. The details of the November Competitions can be found on the forum. Please upload your entries in the November Competition Gallery.

* Brigitte's Competition: Use felt to embellish your pages – preferably hand cut. Felt is easy to use, so you can be creative.

* Melanie's Competition: Create a LO using: 4 photos, acrylic paint, distressing, mono colours (so all greens, all pinks etc.)

Gotta be in it to win!

Have a good week!


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