To strike or not to strike - that is the question....

It's Friday again and here in South Australia the teachers were yet again going to strike. However when Bruce woke up to the 6.30am news the headlines were that teachers had been ordered back to work as a judge ordered it to be illegal for them to strike again. Henceforth we had some rather disgruntled children and an even more disgruntled Mother who was planning a sleep in this morning and was rudely awaken before 7am.
Still, I have to admit I have managed to get a whole lot of things done today that I would not have gotten done if the kids were home. Including typing this entry out.

Bruce is away for the weekend in Sydney so I will be playing single Mum for a few days. That generally means not much sleeping in on the weekend either. I might be a grumpy old soul by the end of it.

I had a lovely Intimo lingerie presentation on Tuesday night and invested in some nice plain bras but certain to fit well as all Intimo does. I also ordered some roll top pants that fit like a glove and I will probably live in once I get them.
I have my sister and her friend visiting tonight so a lamb roast is on the cards. Can't wait for that as I so love my lamb roast. It's the small things in life that one enjoys at times.

Was going to make some more Christmas cards at craft yesterday but when I counted up the ones I already had there was about 60 in the pile so changed my mind to writing them out instead. Am about halfway through that, then have to type up the yearly letter to our overseas family before sending. I still want to make Christmas cards though and use up some of my huge stash so might have to make a start on next years as I love making Christmas cards over and above any other card that I make.

Managed a little time for scrapbooking too over the week. My focus was on monthly challenges at Scrapwitch and Heaven-Sent. Below are my results of my efforts..... although my mojo seems to be holidaying somewhere at the moment so if anyone sees it... please tell it to come home!

SW Colour challenge using Tan, dark pink and dark maroon

SW sketch challenge

Rufus at play - HS Melanie's challenge: 4 photos, monochromatic, distressing and acrylic paint

Sweet baby girl - HS Brigitte's challenge to use felt on a layout.

Enjoy your weekend!


Karen said…
Lovely lo's Melissa.

I even scrapped on the weekend and wait for it I actually made a couple of cards!!!!

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