Cybercropping.... come join me!

You know with all this hot weather I have a house full of unwanted insects and it is driving me insane!
I know it is a little revolting but I just had to share this image of the fly that I sprayed the other night. I had to put it next to a normal fly to show you the difference..... no joke, this fly was 4 times the size of a regular fly and about an inch long. It was giving me the shudders just to have it flying around me.

Well after that awful thought, onto some sharing. Last weekend I managed to sneak in a couple of the challenges at Scrap of Difference Cybercrop. They had some great challenges but with all the stuff going on in my weekend last week I just didn't find enough time to play with them all.

This is a card I made for Rochelle's challenge - to make a card using white, pink and green. I needed the sympathy card to send to my wonderful friend Cathy from the ACT whose Father passed away just before we went to Mildura. My thoughts and prayers are with Cathy and her family.

There was also a sketch challenge using a pagemaps sketch so I chose that one to do as half of the plan was there for me.

Santa bought all my boys a Nintendo DS for Christmas and consequently the interest level in talking to me at times has dropped. This was done with a TLC Runway playhouse circle kit, some foam letters that I found at Go-Lo and some Carolee creations Adornit alphas. The blast shape was cut with the Cricut from the Plantin Schoolbook Cart.

Back to a layout inspired by Jen Hall's - The Write stuff online class. Man have I got heaps to catch up on there. Have printed some photos but still planning lots of these to do.

Layout #9

Heading onto my work for yesterday - considering it is now 1 am..... The Cybercrop at Heaven Sent.
Melanie and Brigitte really have us thinking.

No: 1 - Signs of Life - A layout that shows pictures from our home and the signs that we live there.

No: 2 Scrap a layout about your handbag and journal what you like about it and it's contents etc.

No: 3 Scrap an everyday routine

Haven't got to number four yet so we will see if I manage to get around to it as I have lots of housework and family time to catch up on. I also need to type up my newsletter for the next two months and get out to everyone. Anyone know where I might find an extra 24/48 hours?

One thing that has got me excited tonight..... I found my Pink Paislee stamps that I bought from Scraploot with my Puzzlesketches win. I lost them a month ago when I was planning to use them in the last cybercrop at Heaven-Sent. I have had all my stamps out over and over again looking for them and searched my crop room only to find them tonight inside the bag of another set of stamps. How did that happen?

Last but not least I wanted to share my layout that I did with Penny Hackney's - How does your garden grow online class.
Do you know how much cutting there was in this one?
It took me ages but I'm really pleased with it. I actually stuck with similar colours to Penny's original as they matched the dress Bruna's niece is wearing. I would never have thought to do this much work to make a garland of flowers.... I'm too lazy!
Good on Penny for coming up with such a great design. Have I ever mentioned how I like Penny's work?
I, on the other hand, can't doodle for quids!

Have a good weekend what's left of it and try to stay cool.


Trisha said…
Some great LO's here Melissa. Looks like you and I are at the same point in Jen's class. I have so much to catch up on, but have been busy with other things!

And EWWWWWW to that bug! Glad you got rid of him! Haha!
Karen said…
Nice photo Melissa......

Lovely layouts Melissa and I especially like the one form the class.

Keep cool.
Ingeborg said…
I love your layouts and of course the big fat fly! BTW ... you have been 'tagged' ... check my blog to see what it is all about ;-) ...

A said…
I love you layouts!! My comment is mainly about the fly though. We have those big flies here in Texas. We call them horse flies. Beware horse flies bite and they hurt.
mrs_docko said…
I'm glad we don't get those flies around in general it really was freaking me out. I will have to do some homework about them now I know what they are called.

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