Time for some shares.

Wow, I didn't realise how far behind I was with sharing my work. I have been busy in a variety of ways and just this weekend spent time setting up and working at the Stamping and Scrapbooking Fair here in Adelaide. Ingeborg, Karen, Kendrie and I had a great time on the Heaven Sent stall and enjoyed chatting with lots of people and of course selling lots of products.

My first share is my card that I submitted to win my role on the DT at My Sketch World. I hope you like it as much as Lucy seemed to.

Last week on Tuesday we had a power blackout. It started about 2.50pm and came back on about 8.50pm just as I was reading the boys bedtime story by candlelight.

You should have heard the complaints of boredom because there was no TV, computer or Wii. They couldn't even do music practice because the keyboard wouldn't work. It was just so drastic.....

I was trying to explain how minimal this inconvenience was in comparison to those who have lost their homes in Victoria but for 9 yr olds that was a difficult concept to get through.

On the positive though, they learnt how to light a gas cooktop with matches....how you can cook in/on something other than a microwave... how to melt the candle wax to get the candle to stand up on a plate..... and how even a candle can set off the fire alarm.

I realised that it is the longest ever blackout that they have experienced as usually they only go for an hour or so.

Here we are playing Nintendo DS's by candlelight:

The weekend before this one I had the fun of joining in on the Cybercrop for a Cause at Scrap of Difference.

This is Challenge #1 : What in your life makes you feel lucky?

Challenge #2 - Sketch

Challenge #3 - Colour challenge using blue, black and red.

Challenge #4 - A card with something red and a heart.

Back to a couple of The Write Stuff layouts: Lesson 4

Lesson 6

And finally, catching up on a few more Octoberfest layouts:

Octoberfest #26

Octoberfest #25

Octoberfest #24 - bonus layout

Octoberfest #24

Octoberfest #23
So there you have it ..... I really have been doing some work here and there.
I have also completed the two cards for pagemaps and all my DT work for Heaven-Sent so look out in both those sites on the 1st of March..... they will be up and running then.
Better run off and pick up kids from school now!


Moira said…
Good lordy woman, you are busy! How do you fit it all in?! I just love the layouts, you have a definite style and it just WORKS. 'Bruce' reminds me of my father in law!

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