His & Hers.... still on lesson 1

Still on lesson one with the His and Hers cards, I tried a technique that Jennifer Maguire was showing us but had no leaf stamps or border stamps that would do the job. So, I came across this Heidi Grace stamp that I thought might work and did two different computer generated greetings to help highlight the difference. I'm not sure it worked the way I wanted it to though.

At Home and Scrapped in April, Karen challenged us to create a layout using the letter "b" with an advert for inspiration. I went for colours - blue, black and beige with butterflies, banners and bling.

 Liz challenged us with a recipe challenge:
to choose 1 technique and use all 3 Ingredients on your page.
  • Distressing
  • Inking
  • Tearing
  • Stitching (this could be done by hand/machine or even faux stitching
  • Lace/Ribbon or fabric
  • 3 different pattern papers
  • A circle or a doily

I used all the ingredients along with stitching and inking and followed Heather's MWS 11-13. I then went on to complete a card with the scraps using Heather's kids scrapping sketch for the same week.

I must remember to do this more often to use up my scraps and make some more combat cards.
Thanks for visiting and Happy Craftin'.........


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