Thursday, 2 October 2008

It's October!

Well the beginning of the month brings the new challenges and over at Heaven-Sent there sure are some interesting ones.

Ingeborg, Moira and Leanne created three scrapbooking competitions for this month. All the details of the October Competitions can be found on the forum. Please upload all your entries in the October Competition Gallery.
Ingeborg’s Competition: Create a layout with some (or a lot of ) paper piecing on it. Paper piecing is using cut out shapes to create a new image/ picture. The cut out shapes can be cut by hand or using a cutting machine.
Moira's Competition: Create a layout using a triadic colour scheme. Triadic schemes involve colours that are positioned in a triangle on the colour wheel, and the two 'exact' triadic schemes are Purple, Green and Orange, or Red, Yellow and Blue. When using this scheme, try to stick to the 60/30/10 rule to achieve a solid, attractive design - 60% of one colour, 30% of the next, and just 10% of the third colour.
Leanne's Competition: Create a layout inspired by the following ‘Air Freshener’ advertisement (see below or look for a close up in the competition gallery). Even though the advertisement is pink, your layout can be any colour. You are free to interpret the picture in your own way drawing as little or as much from the ad as you desire.

I haven't done much scrapping or cardmaking today, I've been too busy playing with my new Storybook Cricut cartridge. I have also been working on cutting various sizes of all of my fonts with the Cricut and putting them onto pages in a work in progress folder so that people on my crop nights can look through it and decide for themselves what size and font they with to use. Sometimes that can take up a lot of my time helping people choose, so hopefully that will solve the problem. I was hoping to engage Keelan in helping me for most of the afternoon but after about 20 minutes he had had enough. I had glue and paper everywhere. Never mind it was fun, but I still have a couple of fonts to do.

Have been planning tonight for my crop night at Ingeborg's on Saturday night. Dont' want to let the team down by going along without my sketches and papers organised. I would never hear the end of it!!!!! LOL......


Karen said...

For some reason my post didn't post last are right Melissa you would not hear the end of it if you are not prepared for crop I should get my act together and shock you and be totally prepared!!!!

Ingeborg said...

Are you kiddin'? Melissa if you come unprepared, I might not let you in ... LOL ... See you tomorrow night (with sketches and all) ... xxx

Karen said...

I hope you are sitting down when you read you are going to be shocked....I have actually sketched a layout for tonights crop....
See you later on..