Looking over my shoulder

One of the problems with having my scrap area upstairs and my back to the stairs whilst at the computer is that my charming children are doing their utmost to scare the pants of me by creeping up the stairs and sneaking up behind me. I have become so paranoid about it that I am now in the habit of checking over my shoulder continuously so that I can hear or see them before they reach me. They think it is hillarious when they actually achieve their result and I jump.

I finished off Heather's Mid Week Sketch 3-12 from Scrappy Sketches last night and used some really old papers I had in my stash. I think this will really be the concept behind all of my layouts for this year.
I even sorted out my photos from my trip that are left and am determined to get them scrapped over the coming weeks.
Whilst in Vielsalm, Belgium the weather was cold and damp so hiking was not really on the agenda. We found this great tank and thinking of our boys back home both Ingeborg and I decided we would get photos of something that might actually take the boys interest. We did not realise the meaning of the tank's presence until we reached it and read the memorial. It was left in the area following the Americans fighting at the Battle of Bulge and it is there as a memorial to those who fought valiantly at St. Vith. You do not realise how big these machines are until you are standing right next to one.

We got out and about a little this weekend by going to an open movie screening by the local council on Friday night. We saw Spirited Away a very interesting animated story. The kids enjoyed it even though the movie did not excite them so much.
Yesterday we went to Adventure World water and ride park which is only about 10-15 minutes from our place. It was busy as.... and of course we chose a day with a record number of people there. I didn't get many photos cos by the time they lined up and you waited and waited you never knew when to expect them to be ready with the camera. Still.... the boys and I went on the chairlift and the boys and Bruce went on the pedal rail around the front of the park and the kids enjoyed the Kahuna falls with water splashing in every different direction and some small slides.

It was a good day that the kids enjoyed out.

Happy craftin'.....


Moira said…
Gotta love stash busting! Great pages :-)

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