Thursday, 4 September 2008

Got a new toy....

Well I guess you could call it a toy, it is at least something to play with.

I finally bought the Cricut Design Studio software and it arrived and was installed today. I didn't have a huge chance to play with it but I did give it a quick go just with a few words. I must admit I had a look at a few blogs afterwards and realised how creative some people have become using just the basic cartridge and the DS software. I'm dreaming of the hours that I can find just to sit and play! The only problem being that I can't install it on my laptop because it is not compatible with Vista 64 bit so had to put it on the XP system and that is the computer that the kids and DH use so guess I will be a little limited in my play time.

I completed a digi layout last night of my Dad for Brigitte's competition at Heaven-Sent. It uses the My Dad Page Pak from Cottage Arts. Yes, I know I don't do digi much these days but I should pull my software out and play with that too a little more.

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