School photo day

It's been a busy week!

School photo day today, diabetes clinic with Mitchell yesterday and Monday and Tuesday was chasing computer parts and having the computer fixed.

Kids are happy now they have their computer fixed to play their games on. The monitor died last week so I bought a new one then that one was flashing black too. It ended up the graphics card had died and needed replacing. Our household seems to one of those rare ones where it seems to be me who does the computer issue solving. One of these days I must actually go and do a course to find out what to do without researching! I was going to do that BC but never quite made it - I gave birth to triplets instead!

Today I have stopped procrastinating and completed - well nearly completed my DT work for November. Can't show you yet of course cos then it wouldn't be a surprise when it went up at Heaven-Sent. Might just sneak a view of one of them though. I needed the cards to be ready for the scrapbooking day we are holding in just a few weeks and knew if I didn't finish them before the school holidays then they would never be ready in time. I'm really quite chuffed with myself and surprisingly happy with the results, even if I do say so myself.

Now I can chill out and start on all the Monthly challenges I like to try my hand at.


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