A quiet weekend

We have had a busy but quiet weekend and Bruce enjoyed his Father's day by hiring a jackhammer to bust through some concrete to pour yet some more concrete in a hole to put in a clothesline post.

The Adelaide Crows lost so it was a good therapy for him.

Very little time for craft this weekend as the carpet was laid in Mitchell's new bedroom and I shifted furniture and sorted toys.

Today the kids were off school for a "show day" to enable them to go to the Royal Adelaide Show if they wished and we had the funds. Unfortunately it wasn't to be though and the computer was more exciting.

Keelan wanted to make a clock with my scrapbooking stuff so we started it yesterday and finished it today to allow the paint ample time to dry. He did really well and I only had to help him with cutting the ribbon to size and laying the tape for the ribbon. He did all the colour choosing and decoration and I also helped a little to get the rub-ons on because his hand got too sore.

Here is his finished work. Isn't he clever?


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