Yet again it is almost midnight and here I am still tapping keys. One of these days I will teach myself to get to bed early.

Well, I have to say that the Melvin Tix show was excellent. After the kids complained about going all morning cos it would be boring, the first thing they said at the end was "that was great" " heaps of fun".... Go figure! It is essentially a show teaching the children about the various sections of an orchestra. Each section plays a little of the style of their instrument and you hear all of the sizes of the instruments from that section also. Melvin then tells a story which includes the instruments coming in at varying stages to show how the music can help convey the story. He observes when the children are getting restless and then makes everyone stand up and teaches us how to conduct the orchestra. He explains how to make them play louder and softer, faster and slower etc. He then sits them down again and plays a variety of short tunes on various instruments himself to finish. It was fantastic! I highly recommend it.

I had two successful crops on both Friday and Saturday night and even managed to get a layout done myself on Saturday night. A colour challenge for Scrapwitch - my boys are about 18 months old and fell asleep on Dad one afternoon - very cute!

Today I have been busy making a couple more Christmas card examples for our "Crop for a cure" day with Heaven-Sent. These will go up in my DT gallery on 1st of November. I even managed a double page layout to prep for a layout class in November and Ingeborg's sketch challenge at Heaven-Sent.

I'm at the school tomorrow morning, Keelan's teacher asked me to teach the children and Indonesian children's song so have been preparing that tonight. Ethan has a school excursion with his class to AAMI stadium so he is very excited.


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